Our Acquisitions

MaxPro has always focused its business plan on creating solutions to a wide variety of problems that arise in the trucking industry. Currently one of the new features offered by MaxPro invovles acquisition of companies in need. Through MaxPro's growth, the company has come in contact with several trucking companies that are either on the brink of bankruptcy or companies with owners looking to retire. This is where MaxPro comes in. MaxPro conducts a detailed analysis of the companies, and the benefits and posibilities of acquiring them. If the company is believed to have potential for growth and success, MaxPro acquires the company under its management. This step by MaxPro is backed by its various financial investors. MaxPro then works to re-establish the company within the industry and enhance its growth.

If you are interested in acquisitions

If you want to proceed with acquisition request please submit your enquiry here all information will be kept confidential and after receiving your enquiry we will touch base with you for detail analysis of the company financials

Our Partners

  • Travel Center's
  • Continental Tires
  • Michelin Tires
  • Pvt. Ltd.
  • Weblink Canada
  • Quickbooks
  • Cannamm
  • crimson logic
  • MaxProManagementServicesLtd.
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