Fuel Card

Fuel Card


With MaxPro Management Services Ltd., customers enjoy significant discounts at major fuel centers across the U.S. and Canada by using our Discount Fuel Cards. Whether you have a small fleet or a single owner operator, your company is eligible for the MaxPro Management Fuel Card Program. We provide fuel cards that facilitate discount fuel purchasing across Canada and U.S. Our Discount Fuel Cards Program is designed to help fleet managers/owner operators control their fueling costs while providing security and convenience.


The flexibility of the MaxPro Management Fuel Discount Program provides an opportunity to design an over-the-road expense program that fulfills your company’s needs. Our clients have access to Fuel Discounts and rebates at major fuel centers including Ultramar, Husky, Love’s and TA/Petro. To avail, these Discount Fuel Cards in Canada, contact us anytime.

                           MaxPro Management Fuel Card


  • Online Account Management
  • Detailed Reports Available
  • Exceptional Fuel Discounts and Rebates at Major Fuel Centers in the U.S. & Canada
  • Fuel Pricing is Updated Daily

                            Money Code


  • Drivers can carry T-Checks & Comchecks in case they need funds for repairs and scales.
  • T-checks & Comchecks remain inactive until a driver calls you for an express code.
  • Online tools help you keep track of Money Codes issued

For daily fuel rates, login to your MaxPro Management account or call us at 905-452-9669

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