As MaxPro continues to grow, it expands its list of services provided by providing Full truck Load and LTL in cross border trucking  to better serve the needs of our shippers. Also with our logistic division and internal load board our customers will know that thier freight will be moved come what may considering 150 fleet members and various with our financial stakes. Currently one of the new features offered by MaxPro involves acquisition of trucking companies in need. Through MaxPro’s growth, the company has come in contact with several trucking companies that are either on the brink of bankruptcy or companies with owners who are looking to retire. In cases such as these, MaxPro conducts a detailed analysis of the companies, and the benefits and possibilities of acquiring them. If the company is believed to have potential, MaxPro acquires it under its management. This step by MaxPro is backed by its various financial investors.  MaxPro then works to re-establish the company within the industry and enhance its growth.

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