In today’s industry technology is vital, as such MaxPro understands that technology cannot only allow a company to run smoothly but also help it grow. Therefore, MaxPro has strived to offer its clients various advanced software’s including:

MaxPro has exclusively collaborated with TransPlus to allow a state of the art fleet management software to be purchased by client companies at a fraction of the cost. The software eases operations and management of the business through its incredible features. Some of the core product features include:

Load Tracking
Load Planning
Database Management
Trip Manifest
Bill Of Lading
Outside Carrier Contracting
Customer Billing,
Approved IFTA Tax Tables
Financial Analysis
Increases Dispatch Productivity
Provides Fuel Tax Reporting
Increases Truck/Trailer Profitability
Provides Trip Revenues & Expenses


MaxPro has also teamed up with the prestigious technology company IIMSWISS. Together MaxPro and IIMSWISS have worked on and are continuing to work on different software’s and integrations to allow trucking companies to run efficiently. The two companies together have recently released SMS technology for trucking companies in which dispatchers can directly message drivers through TransPlus, an only solution which provides two way messaging.

Satellite Tracking System

MaxPro Management also provides an exceptional deal with the purchase of fuel cards. In order to ensure the safety of the trucks of client companies, a state of the art satellite tracking system is offered. The cost of the tracking system, outside of initial hardware and installation cost, is subsidised with the number of fuel cards purchased.

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