MaxPro Management strives to continuously grow in order to provide its clients with all manner of services to fast track their success. In order to do this MaxPro now provides warehousing and logistics services through its fully owned subsidiary Daytona Freight Systems Inc. Some of the services provided include:


Logistics transportation

Freight forwarding

MaxPro Management has a built in house division for these services, that fulfills client and carrier needs. MaxPro has also hired sales managers for both the US and Canada to assist in the search and acquiring of freight. These sales managers are responsible for searching for better rates and better quality freight from direct shippers and manufacturer  with reliable payments.  MaxPro is also working on developing and implementing an internal load board in the upcoming year that will allow client companies to see the loads of all clients under MaxPro and make dealings with each other. This will all be benefited by the MaxPro guarantee on payments.

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