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Welcome to MaxPro

Since its inception, MaxPro has emerged as an exceptional family-owned solution provider in the transportation industry, providing fuel management, financial, consulting, and freight transportation services.

Through our active participation in various projects over the past 25 years, we have gained key insights and expertise to help your business become more competitive. We help you streamline costs, reduce overhead, identify ways to increase revenue, optimize fleet utilization, and more. 

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Current Operations

Over the years, MaxPro has grown to become a multi-million dollar operation through acquisitions and expansion into a diverse set of service offerings in the transportation industry. Confidence, orderly operation, prudential guidance, and expert supervision are the factors that have drawn in leading organizations to work with us.

Fuel customers across Canada and the United States
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Future Roadmap

MaxPro believes in looking towards the future, because that’s what’s coming. Below are some of our future plans at MaxPro.

  • Acquisitions. In addition to recent acquisitions, we intend to grow through acquisitions of firms with growth potential.

  • Implementation of new technology. Continued implementation and investment into the latest technology to increase efficiency and versatility is a top priority.

  • Expansion into new sectors. We have plans to expand, providing new services in the financial, accounting, insurance, transportation, and manufacturing sectors.

  • Taking our customer service to the next level. We continuously strive to reach the pinnacle of customer service through investment in professional development programs for staff and team members.