MaxPro Fuel Program

With MaxPro’s fuel card program, you’ll get access to exclusive discounts and rebates when fueling your tractor fleet at major fuel centers.

MaxPro Fuel Card Program. A comprehensive fuel fleet card solution offered by MaxPro that is designed to drive better savings, offer greater control and help fuel your growth through enhanced fleet management.

Service in Canada and across the border

MaxPro Fuel program provides access to an array of discounted fuel fleet cards that help to:

  • Maximise fuel savings
  • Improve your bottom line; and 
  • Enhance fuel management via advanced technology 

MaxPro Fuel Program Features

We will help you manage your fuel usage more efficiently with the use of smart fuel management software tools such as
Online Auditing Portal
Electronic Reporting
Easy-to-Use Mobile, Web App

MaxPro Fuel Fleet Cards

We offer a tailored solution according to your needs. Contact us to learn more about the cards we offer.

* Card shown above is for illustrative purposes only. Actual card may vary.

MaxPro Fuel Online Auditing Portal

Take better control of your fuel management with, an online web-based portal that allows you to track spending, manage drivers, assess KPIs, and issue detailed reports.

Key features of the Portal

  • Online Reporting
    Create and print custom transaction reports for all fuel purchases.
  • Manage Cards and Drivers
    Add, assign or remove drivers. Change card pins, or even block driver access to certain fuel cards.
  • Live Transactions
    View your transactions live, anytime, anywhere!

9 Reasons to choose MaxPro Fuel

Fuel Savings

Unlock great savings and rewards with MaxPro Fuel Cards.

Instant Discounts
Receive your fuel discounts instantly. Yup, that’s right. You’ll receive your discount as soon as you swipe the fleet card.
Mobile Access

Access your fuel transactions anytime with a 24/7 mobile-friendly web application.

MaxPro’s partnerships with well-known fuel retail brands offers greater access.
With net invoicing and detailed fuel reports, MaxPro prides itself on fostering transparency.
Multifaceted Service
MaxPro’s experience in multiple sectors of the transportation industry translates to a greater understanding of customer needs.
Checks and MoneyCodes
Issue Checks or MoneyCodes instantly via web, mobile, or phone.
Online Portal
Take better control of your fuel management with an online web-based portal that allows you to track fuel spending.
Live Transactions
View your transactions live, anytime, anywhere, via the MaxPro Fuel web portal.
Ready to fuel significant savings?